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This technique closes the veins that cannot be visualized from the skin surface yet are causing surface veins and/or symptoms of venous disease.  The ultrasound is used to identify the target vein and to directly visualize the medication as it is injected into the vein. The medication acts as an irritant to the vein lining causing it to collapse and close, and with time will be reabsorbed by your body. We use a sclerosing medication called Tromboject or STS, and create a foam for injection. The foam assists the spreading of the medication inside the target vessel and increases the relative potency of the medication. It has a local effect and a short duration of action.

There is mild discomfort associated with the needle poke and there can be cramping of the vein intermittently during the first day. There are risks of potential skin staining, itching, burning, and bruising with injections. 

Following ultrasound guided injections, compression stockings are worn continuously for 24 hours, and then daily for 2 weeks.  Minor activity restrictions (no heavy lifting or cardio workouts) are recommended for 1 week after injections. It is advised to take precautions with sun exposure for up to 1 year. Follow up is recommended 3 months post injections to evaluate results using the ultrasound and to update your plan of care.

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