If you answer "yes" to any of the following screening questions, you may benefit from an assessment for venous disease.



Do you have a family member that has had varicose veins, bulging veins, or spider veins?

Have you ever had varicose veins, bulging veins, or spider veins?

Have you had any treatments or procedures for vein problems?

Do you sit or stand for long periods of time, such as at work?

Do you do a lot of heavy lifting?

Have you ever had a DVT (Deep vein Thrombosis)/blood clot in your leg?

Are you overweight?

For females: Have you ever been pregnant? Are you experiencing menopause?

                          Are you on hormone replacement therapy or birth control medications?



Do your legs feel "heavy"?

Do you have any leg pain, aching, or cramping?

Are your legs restless, especially at night?

Do you have any leg or ankle swelling, especially at the end of the day?

Do your legs feel tired at the end of the day?

Do you have any burning or itching of the skin on your legs?

Do you have any skin discoloration or texture changes in the lower leg/ankle areas?

Do you have rashes on your lower legs resembling eczema?

Do you have visible varicose veins (large, bulging veins)?

Do you have visible spider veins (smaller, thin, branching superficial veins)?

Do you have any open wounds or sores on your lower legs?

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