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This procedure involves removing the bulging surface veins through small punctures under local anesthesia. It is often used in conjunction with endovenous ablation procedures and intravenous sedation. A small instrument is used to hook the varicose vein through a micro-puncture to remove the vein. No sutures are required and steri-strips are applied over the puncture and then covered with a dressing. When fully healed, the puncture is virtually undetectable.

It offers permanent removal of the veins with excellent long term results with minimal staining or scarring. There is minimal discomfort and a quick recovery. There are risks of swelling, bruising, temporary skin numbness, and superficial blood clots.

Compression stockings are worn continuously for 48 hours, and then daily for 2 weeks.  Minor activity restrictions (no heavy lifting or cardio workouts) are recommended for 1 week. It is advised to take precautions with sun exposure for up to 1 year. Follow up is recommended 3 months post procedure to evaluate results using the ultrasound and to update your plan of care.

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