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Alberta Vein & Vascular is a specialized varicose vein treatment facility offering comprehensive venous care to patients in central and northern Alberta and British Columbia. Utilizing international standards of care, we assess, diagnose and treat a full range of vein disorders ranging from asymptomatic spider veins to painful incompetent bulging veins, venous ulcers, venous reflux, post phlebotic syndrome, and lymphedema. Our patients undergo venous duplex ultrasound mapping at AV&V to diagnose or rule out venous reflux.  We offer a wide variety of minimally invasive treatment options in addition to traditional surgical techniques.

AV&V has been an accredited Non-Hospital Surgical Facility with the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA) since 2010 to provide specialized varicose vein procedures and treatments. This official Accreditation assures that patient health and safety are top priorities and that AV&V has been assessed, inspected, audited and approved by meeting 100% of the standards set forth by the CPSA. We are upheld to the same standards for structure, function, and patient care practices as hospitals are and are committed to the highest standards in quality, patient care and expertise.

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